What do you need today?

Transform my Data

Initial Data Profile

Each time you access a new data set, interrogate the information to find out what it contains. Visualize the universe and delve into the details.

Risk Assessment

Identify outliers and impossible data points. Turn business concepts into queries for anomalies.

Process Improvement

Retrieve, customize, move, automate! Turn manual data processes into streamlined automations.


Apply data analytics to enhance and support your criminal or administrative cases. Automate searches through many pages of information to find your key evidence.

Fraud Detection

Don't wait to receive a referral from your hotline. Proactively detect potential fraud in your data systems. Stop multi-year fraud schemes before they get going.

Expert Witness Testimony

Receive a thorough review of your existing data analytics. Enhance them with additional analysis. Prepare the evidence for Court and have the support of an analytics expert.


Stop looking at rows and rows of data in a spreadsheet. Instead, transform the view for a different perspective.

Business Intelligence

Make sense of your data and use it to make decisions. Turn data into business intelligence.

Advanced Analytics

If you have already established a data analytics capability, and it's time to take it to the next level, we can help!